Francesca Andreolli

Senior Researcher Energy & Buildings

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Francesca Andreolli works as a Senior Researcher Energy & Buildings at ECCO

After her degree with honors in Building Engineering and Architecture at University of Padova in 2017, she received her PhD in Management Engineering and Real Estate Economics from the University of Padova with a thesis on households’ investment decisions in renewable energies. She was a visiting PhD scholar at Department of Econometrics and Operations Management at Tilburg University with a project focused on the development of renewable energy communities and households’ possibility to exchange energy via peer-to-peer trading.

Before joining ECCO, she was a teaching assistant of environmental economics and resource evaluation and she worked at the Interdepartmental Centre for Energy Economics and Technology “Giorgio Levi Cases” as a research fellow on a project related to the decarbonization of the energy system in Italy.

Her research interests include energy economics, energy markets, investment decision under uncertainty and multicriteria decision aid. She is a member of European Working Group on Multicriteria Decision Aiding. From 2018, she has published in academic journals with contributions on investment decisions in renewable technologies, storage systems and energy communities and has attended several national and international conferences.

Pubblicazioni di Francesca Andreolli

The state of gas: What infrastructure does Italy require?

February 2024
This analysis aims to identify the minimum gas infrastructure Italy requires to ensure national energy security, after the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine have shaped the European market and considering the progress on climate targets. The study was carried out using an optimisation model that simulates the balance between gas demand and supply in the European market for Italy with a daily granularity for 2030, 2040, and 2050.

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Energy without Russia: Country report Italy

September 2023
The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the energy crisis which came in its wake have produced significant impacts on the energy sector in many EU countries, including Italy. This study shows that customers reacted to high gas prices by reducing consumption over and above the European target of 15%, with gas consumption dropping 18.6% from August 2022 to January 2023, in the absence of structural measures.

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How much investment is needed for the decarbonisation of the Italian economy?

September 2023
WRITTEN BYMario Noera et al.
A propaedeutic analysis for the revision of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP). Estimates of the total investment that Italy needs in order to align with the new European Fit-for-55 targets range between an average of EUR 122 and EUR 134 billion per year. The additional investments needed are therefore EUR 30-42 billion per year higher than estimated in the NECP (2019), and 2-3 times higher than the amount allocated in the NRRP for the green transition in the 2021-26 five-year period (an average of EUR 14.4 billion per year).

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