Massimiliano Bienati

Transport Programme Lead

Massimiliano Bienati joined ECCO in May 2022 as Transport Program Lead, coordinating research, networking and advocacy activities.

Being transport the only sector that didn’t decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the last 30 years, the path to decarbonization cannot ignore a broader view of all the possible applicable solutions, from electrification to sharing, each for its contribution, and to the involvement of all stakeholders wiling to achieve the country’s ecological transition.

Massimiliano joined ECCO after a long educational path and professional experiences. He hold a PhD in science at the Humboldt University of Berlin and a Masters in Business Administration at the Politecnico di Milano.

Since 2008, after a significant international managing experience in the steel sector, Massimilano has undertaken his path in scientific environmentalism: first as an activist promoting to Italy the campaigns  endorsed by Friends of the Earth Europe and Transport and Environment, and, by 2013, as a research expert associate at the Fondazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile, dealing with projects on sustainable transportation, energy and climate, circular economy.

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Developing common standards for secure and resilient critical minerals supply chains

May 2023
WRITTEN BYMassimiliano Bienati
The increasing production and the pace of penetration of clean technologies required to a radical transformation of the global energy system critically depend on the availability of critical minerals. The high geographic fragmentation of mining activities and the Asian dominance in the processing and refining stages of critical minerals require a progressive diversifying, reshaping and strengthening of the global supply chain structure in order to manage supply risks.

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