Gabriele Cassetti

Senior Researcher on Energy Systems

Italian English

Gabriele Cassetti is Senior Researcher on Energy Systems at ECCO.

Gabriele is an environmental engineer working on energy and climate change since 2011. He has been with ECCO since October 2023.

He has a degree in Environmental Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan and a PhD in Energy Sciences and Technologies.

Gabriele is responsible for analyzing and defining global and regional decarbonization scenarios for ECCO. It supports the cross-cutting quantitative research underlying the Energy and Mediterranean programmes at ECCO.

Before joining ECCO, Gabriele was a post-doc researcher at the Polytechnic of Milan for several years and a contract professor of the Energy for Sustainable Development course. For the last 4 years he has worked as an energy analyst in a consultancy company, dealing with the development of mathematical models of national and global energy systems and participating in several European projects focusing on achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Gabriele is a father who, in his own small way, works every day so that the world in which his children will live as adults is a little more fair and just.