Giulia Signorelli

Researcher Decarbonisation

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Giulia Signorelli works in ECCO as Researcher Decarbonisation

Giulia obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation and a Joint Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe at the University of Bologna in March 2022. Thanks to an internship as a researcher at the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence, she specialized in topics regarding energy and energy transition by participating in several projects on the decarbonization of NATO operational forces.

Giulia currently works in ECCO Think Tank as Advisor Decarbonisation. She speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish and Russian.


Pubblicazioni di Giulia Signorelli

Energy in Africa: What relations between Italy and Mozambique?

October 2023
The revival of relations between Italy and African countries needs to be contextualized within a framework of renewed interest in the African continent. In this framework, the Meloni government is working on a new strategic project for Africa, known as “Mattei Plan”, which aims at establishing equal and mutually beneficial relations with African partners, in a “non-predatory” context. Against this backdrop, Mozambique represents an extremely relevant partner for Rome, drawing on solid relations at both a governmental and civil society level.

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