Giulia Giordano

Head of International Programmes

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Giulia Giordano is ECCO Head of International Programmes

Giulia is an Italian researcher and practitioner with extensive experience in the Middle East. She joined the creation of ECCO at its early stage of conception as the Head of Strategy and Development. She is now leading the International Programmes


Before joining ECCO, she was the Director of International Programs at EcoPeace Middle East, a trilateral organization based in Israel, Jordan and Palestine. In her previous capacity she was responsible for leading the organization’s international advocacy and outreach programmes vis-à-vis foreign governments, diplomatic representatives and international organizations, while frequently representing the organization by speaking at international public events.

Formerly she was a visiting researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a fellow lecturer at Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem, where she taught two courses in Human Rights and International Environmental Law. She has worked with several organizations of the civil society and academic institutions, and has written extensively about water security and environmental diplomacy. She received her PhD in Cooperation for Peace and Development from the University ‘Stranieri’ of Perugia. Her research interests include environmental diplomacy, tranboundary water cooperation and Middle Eastern politics. She is am an alumna of the Water Diplomacy Initiative, a joined programme by the MIT, Harvard Negotiation Program and Tuft University, a founding member of the Environmental Peacebuilding Association, and a member of the Bosch Alumni Network.

Pubblicazioni di Giulia Giordano

Energy without Russia: Country report Italy

September 2023
The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the energy crisis which came in its wake have produced significant impacts on the energy sector in many EU countries, including Italy. This study shows that customers reacted to high gas prices by reducing consumption over and above the European target of 15%, with gas consumption dropping 18.6% from August 2022 to January 2023, in the absence of structural measures.

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