Luca Iacoboni

Head of Outreach and Strategy for Decarbonisation

Italian English

Luca Iacoboni is ECCO Head of Outreach and Strategy for Decarbonisation

Luca is an environmental economist, working on climate change and energy since 2013. He is the Head of Outreach and Strategy for Decarbonisation for ECCO since February 2022.

He has an Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Economics and Use of Resources from Università La Sapienza in Rome and a Master Degree in Economics, Environment and Development.

Luca ensures the strategic alignment and development of all ECCO’s domestic decarbonization work. He supports its communication and advocacy strategy, and manages the relationships with key stakeholders, decision-makers, media and opinion makers.

Before joining ECCO, Luca was Head of Climate and Energy for Greenpeace Italy for 8 years, running campaigns on climate change impacts, renewable energy, energy efficiency, phase out of coal, gas and oil, and divestment from fossil fuels among others.

Luca is an experienced and passionate climate communicator, trainer and activist believing in peace and a non-violence approach.