Lorena Stella Martini

Policy Advisor Foreign Policy

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Lorena Stella Martini works as a Policy Advisor Foreign Policy at ECCO

Prior to joining ECCO in October 2023, she worked for three years at the European Council in Foreign Relations (ECFR), where she supported and coordinated the activities of the Rome Office on research, advocacy, and communication; she has collaborated on several occasions with the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), and gained professional experience with NGOs.

In the past few years, Lorena has also authored several publications in the field of international politics, with a focus on the MENA area and a growing interest in the link between geopolitics and foreign policy on one hand, and transition, energy security and climate change on the other.

She holds a Double Master’s Degree in International Sciences and Comparative Analysis of Mediterranean Societies from the University of Turin and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University – UMP6 (Morocco), a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the Graduate School of Economics and International Relations (ASERI) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages for International Relations from the Catholic University of Milan.

Pubblicazioni di Lorena Stella Martini

Energy in Africa: What relations between Italy and Mozambique?

January 2024
An Italy-Congo partnership based on the exploitation of fossil fuels is not the best investment for the country’s economy, as it fuels a vicious cycle of debt, poverty, inequality and corruption and lack of diversification. For Italy, such partnership is not only unprofitable in the face of a declining gas demand under all scenarios, but it would also collide with market new interests. Insisting on gas in the Italy-Congo relationship increasingly ties Italy’s foreign policy to gas policy, and away from its climate commitments.

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Energy in Africa: What relations between Italy and Mozambique?

October 2023
The revival of relations between Italy and African countries needs to be contextualized within a framework of renewed interest in the African continent. In this framework, the Meloni government is working on a new strategic project for Africa, known as “Mattei Plan”, which aims at establishing equal and mutually beneficial relations with African partners, in a “non-predatory” context. Against this backdrop, Mozambique represents an extremely relevant partner for Rome, drawing on solid relations at both a governmental and civil society level.

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