Marzia Ventimiglia

Head of Operations

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Marzia Ventimiglia is ECCO Head of Operations.

Marzia is an experienced finance and operations professional with more than thirty years of experience working with international NGOs, twenty of which in the environmental and conservation sector.

During her career she has:

  • Ensured business operations quality and effectiveness
  • Developed strategies and plans
  • Developed, managed, monitored & evaluated programs
  • Administered finances and grants
  • Led teams
  • Liaised with partners and stakeholders both at local and international level.

She has been the leader of an NGO that has a geographical scope of 80 countries, dedicating efforts in the humanitarian field and specifically into child rights & protection.

As manager she has been responsible for project cycle management and directed the relationship between the local partners and the organization, ensuring the accomplishment of the project objectives both under a budgeting and technical point of view. Coordinating reporting both technical, financial, as well as audits in multinational contests.

She has ensured the operations quality for a network of 43 people based in different Mediterranean Region locations (Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia, Herzegovina, Montenegro). Granting IT, procurement services, and logistics.

She was tutor and mentor for the WWF College, a distance learning initiative meant to develop WWF staff skills and capacities in the various areas of their jobs. Dedicating her support to the Projects Finance Management and Projects Budgeting and Fundraising modules.

She adds to her strong organizational & programmatic skills, high logic, strategic thinking and understanding, the capacity to work in a multi-cultural/multinational contest, also thanks to her full command of 4 languages (Italian, English, French and Spanish).