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Alessandro Valera

Senior Associate

Alessandro Valera has over fifteen years of experience in the field of social change. He has worked in Italy, the UK, the US and across the EU to accelerate social and environmental change. After graduating in Political Communication at the London School of Economics, he began his career as a communication researcher on behavioural change targeted at young people in the UK. He acquired research methodologies to study barriers and enablers to mindset shift and behavioural change. After twelve years outside of Italy, in 2011 he returned to his country of birth, as the Director of Policy and Participation for European Alternatives, a civic society organization aiming to foster transitional activism.

He also co-founded several start-ups on political campaigns, educational board-games and social media education. In 2014 Ashoka, the largest network in the world for changemakers, chose him as the founder of Ashoka in Italy. Under his leadership, Ashoka emerged and flourished as the organization at the centre of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Italy.

Meanwhile, he’s been active in politics within the progressive field for years. in 2011, he was elected as the co-leader of Movimenta, a political organization. In the last few years, he has realized that fighting climate change must become the central focus for all activists and social entrepreneurs and has pivoted in this direction. He’s also a member of the Rainbow Families, the association fighting for the rights of LGBT people and their children in Italy.